Bless The Beasts and The Children - 1

One of the things we can do is to stop some of the senseless spreading of deceases many of which are now deadly. Did you know in every city and most suburbs of America we allow the pointless infection of our loved ones? We allow people to pay to go into stores to catch and give others deadly deceases. We allow store owners to make thousands of dollars a week from this behaviour. They promote the behaviour  and as one person dies there is always a new person to take their place spending money to keep these stores in business and the owners very rich. You may ask yourself what is he talking about is it drugs? No although drug and alcohol use is rampant in these stores it is not what the owners are selling. The owners sell sex! They have stores and call them adult novelty shops, adult book stores, adult video shops, peep shows, Adult theatres and yes some of them even go as far as calling them Gentlemen's Clubs. For the most part these are anything but gentlemen that frequent these stores. Some are family men that are dealing with problems at home, others drug dealers and users looking for a place to hide, some are your children who may have just turned 18 that are just starting life and become curious of what lies behind the door. Unfortunately for many of these people what they find is a few minutes of pleasure

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