Why sex workers are celebrating Obamacare

Published on Nov  2, 2013         

 Sex workers in California threw an Obamacare enrollment party called the "Healthy Ho's Party.


Your hard earned dollars and medical benefit increases make it SEX WORKERS can get medical benifits cheaper than you. Lets all become sex workers in the USA and live off of the government



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Sepsis kills 37,000 people a year.

Published on Sep  2, 2013           

Sepsis is sudden and can kill. In fact Sepsis kills 37,000 people a year. This video looks at what exactly Sepsis is and how death can be avoided through early detection


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Traffic stop becomes deadly gun battle


 Published on Oct  4, 2013                              
 An Oregon man opened fire on a state trooper during a traffic stop. He was later found dead in his car.

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Porn + Violence = Sexual Criminals

Esteemed criminologist and forensic pathologist Dr. Park Dietz explains in this Crime Time REMIX clip how exposure to pornographic images in conjunction with violent ones can cause the brain to associate sexual and violent impulses with each other and create criminal behavior.

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