A Joe Biden presidency will be stillborn. What happens next?

Wed Nov 18, 2020 - 11:59 am EST

November 18, 2020 (Activist Post) — “If you count the legal votes, I easily win. If you count the illegal votes, they can try to steal the election from us.” That statement by President Donald J. Trump is actually posted on the official White House website. The “most powerful man on earth” had been repeating this specter for months even while the mainstream propaganda machinery, rigged polls and manufactured “experts” were predicting landslide victories for his challenger Joseph R. Biden Jr.

Before the 46th President of the United States is officially confirmed by the Electoral College on December 14, several legal issues and possible recounts must be resolved. Rather incredulously, late mail-in ballots are still being counted in the self-proclaimed “greatest nation on earth” — a task that would have taken a day or two in a relatively dysfunctional Third World nation. The U.S. electoral process is a choreographed circus with a long history of fraud. The ongoing Dominion Voting Systems fiasco is a natural extension of the Diebold controversy 20 years ago.

Democracy 2020 – as Fox News pompously themed the recent presidential elections – was anything but democratic. Representatives from one party were systematically barred from observing the ballot counts. The dead were resurrected for a day to vote for a particular party. The seemingly unbridgeable chasm between the Trump and Biden rallies did not translate into proportionate votes. Even the laws of statistics, particularly Benford’s Law, were mangled in this farce.

Just how could the incumbent lose Arizona when one juxtaposes the staggering 96 mile-long Trump train rally in the state with the minuscule crowds drawn by his opponent? Even online, Trump supporters easily outnumbered their counterparts by several magnitudes. The illusion of Biden’s popularity had to be propped by paid trolls from India!

The U.S. electoral imbroglio is indeed the result of the “most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics.” That damning quote is taken verbatim from none other than Joe Biden himself. 

The Manchurian Fruitcake

The most puzzling aspect of this travesty was the nomination of Biden as the Democrat presidential candidate in August this year. Insiders would have been aware of his son’s incriminating laptops, including alleged evidences of child pornography and dubious dealings with Ukraine and China which stretch back to Biden’s stint as vice president. The FBI was reportedly in possession of such material since December 2019 but predictably did nothing.

So why nominate a highly-compromised and senescent gaffe machine to win a rigged election when any other cardboard cut-out would do? Perhaps, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s recent invocation of the 25th Amendment offers the best clue: A full month before the elections, the Speaker called for the establishment of a (presumably permanent) commission to determine a president’s fitness for office. Pelosi insisted that it was “not about Trump” who incidentally appears sharper with every quotidian brickbat thrown at him.

The logical conclusion is inescapable: A Joe Biden presidency will be stillborn. The following scenario therefore is predicated on the surmise that Trump will not be sworn in as president on January 20, 2021.

Pandemonium Unleashed

Why did the mainstream media throw every hook, line, sinker and septic tank to ensure a Biden presidency with its attendant uncertainties?

Over the next four years, what the United States needs foremost is social stability and unity in the face of unprecedented meltdowns in every sector of its society. The incoming Biden administration intends to meet these critical challenges by severely curtailing fundamental rights even as Washington exports “freedom and democracy” for the benefit of its oligarchic assets worldwide. Contagions, breakdowns in law and order, cyberattacks, etc., will be used to justify the march towards authoritarian rule. Expect endless, hypocritical allegations of “rigged elections” in nations not aligned to U.S. foreign policy.

The promise of a comeback by Trump in 2024 would be an ideal psychological sop to avert civil war for as long as possible. There is a possibility that Trump may neither concede the presidency nor accept the outcome of the Electoral College meeting on December 14. He may however heed any decision made by the Supreme Court in order to “uphold the Constitution.” It would be a logical way out as the social pandemonium juggernaut unleashed during the presidency of Barrack Obama cannot be recoiled.

There will be several tipping points in this unmanageable cauldron. Sooner or later, Biden may have to step down in favor of Vice President Kamala Harris who, in turn, may be coerced to elect someone in the mold of Hillary Clinton as her number 2. Rapidly increasing lawlessness may, in turn, force a feckless Harris out of office. 

In the meantime, a de facto politburo representing the interests of Big Tech, Big Pharma and the Military-Industrial Complex would effectively govern the nation. Let’s call it the “Liberty Commission”. Its real purpose would be to enrich a select few at the expense of disempowered citizens. U.S. policies will also be aligned to the World Economic Forum’s Great Reset. Coincidentally, Biden’s first series of pledges as “President-Elect” were to prioritize immigrants and an assortment of globalist agendas over the lives of impoverished Americans. 

All these machinations will fail because complex problems cannot be resolved by a horde of duplicitous cretins who can no longer distinguish their own lies from stark reality. Expect a raft of incoherent policies that will “choose truth over facts” — to use Biden’s words once again!

‘In the final analysis, this may be the last U.S. election conducted under the pretense of democracy!’

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