Giant crater appears at the 'end of the world' in SIBERIA

Published on Jul 15, 2014

UFO landing site? Meteorite crater? Scientists baffled by gigantic 262ft hole that has appeared at Siberia's 'End of The World'

Enormous crater appears suddenly in part of Russia whose name translates as 'the end of the world'


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The city of tomorrow is already here

Published on May 27, 2014

Emerging solutions to 21st century challenges are happening now. In many ways, the city of tomorrow is here today. More from CNN


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Second U.S. Case of MERS Virus Confirmed by Officials

Published on May 13, 2014

Health officials have confirmed a second U.S. case of a mysterious virus that has sickened hundreds in the Middle East. A resident of Saudi Arabia, visiting Florida, is now in a hospital with the disease. Betsy McKay reports. Photo: AP

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Published on Apr 12, 2014

On this date, U.S. House of Representatives Bill "H.R. 2847" goes into effect. It will usher in the true collapse of the U.S. dollar.Most google searches about this bill confirm this could be the case.I will research this further to find out the facts.None of this info is set in stone and no one knows the future.do your own research about this issue. *FAIR USE NOTICE: This video may contain copyrighted material. 

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'X-Men' director Bryan Singer targeted In Teen Sex Abuse Lawsuit

Published on Apr 17, 2014

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Director Bryan Singer is in the final stretch before his new, highly anticipated superhero movie, X-Men Days of Future Past hit theaters, but that excitement will now have to take a back seat because we're hearing today that Singer is facing very serious federal charges for drugging and raping a teenage boy.

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Catharine MacKinnon on Prostitution

Published on Jan 28, 2014

This video is a collaboration between The Hispanic National Bar Association of Florida (HNBA), who organized the 2013 anti-human trafficking conference at which the keynote talk in this video was presented, and the SayNOtoProstitution YouTube channel, which is a project of AntiPornography.org, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization working to prevent & combat the devastating harms of pornography, prostitution, sex trafficking & sexual slavery.

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New website shows links between porn & sex trafficking

Published on Feb 10, 2014

The booming demand for trafficked women and children in recent years is due in part to the proliferation of pornography. The purpose of this site is to bring together research and personal accounts to help the public understand one of the major factors creating and driving the demand for trafficked women and children.

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The New Anti-Porn Movement


Published on Jan 6, 2014

0:05 See HUGE events in history that have had an effect on today's society. 0:28 Learn how individual choices can define an entire generation and eventually effect the entire world. 0:47 See what happened 2 generations ago that led pornography to become so accepted in society. 1:14 In 1993 something major happened which flooded the world with pornography. 1:35 Discover what new research is showing regarding the effects of pornography. 2:00 See what youth all across the country are doing to fight back!

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Wealth Inequality in America


Published on Nov 20, 2012

Infographics on the distribution of wealth in America, highlighting both the inequality and the difference between our perception of inequality and the actual numbers. The reality is often not what we think it is

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Shooting down drones: a town votes


 Published on Dec  9, 2013           

A Colorado town is about to vote on an ordinance that would make it legal for residents to shoot down drones

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Why sex workers are celebrating Obamacare

Published on Nov  2, 2013         

 Sex workers in California threw an Obamacare enrollment party called the "Healthy Ho's Party.


Your hard earned dollars and medical benefit increases make it SEX WORKERS can get medical benifits cheaper than you. Lets all become sex workers in the USA and live off of the government



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Sepsis kills 37,000 people a year.

Published on Sep  2, 2013           

Sepsis is sudden and can kill. In fact Sepsis kills 37,000 people a year. This video looks at what exactly Sepsis is and how death can be avoided through early detection


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Traffic stop becomes deadly gun battle


 Published on Oct  4, 2013                              
 An Oregon man opened fire on a state trooper during a traffic stop. He was later found dead in his car.

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