Polish President: LGBT ideology is ‘more destructive’ than communism

WARSAW, Poland, June 19, 2020 (LifeSiteNews) – Polish President Andrzej Duda has called homosexuality and transgenderism an ideology that is “is even more destructive to the human being” than communism. Poland had been a communist dictatorship after World War II until 1989.

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WARSAW, Poland, June 19, 2020 (LifeSiteNews) – Polish President Andrzej Duda has called homosexuality and transgenderism an ideology that is “is even more destructive to the human being” than communism. Poland had been a communist dictatorship after World War II until 1989.

During a campaign speech, Duda compared the indoctrination that took place during communism with the indoctrination of homosexuality and gender ideology.

“That was Bolshevism. It was the ideologizing of children. Today, there are also attempts to push an ideology on us and our children, but different. It’s totally new, but it is also neo-Bolshevism,” he explained.

Following numerous negative articles by international media outlets, Duda sent out several tweets in English to Reuters, The New York Times, the Associated Press, The Guardian, and the Financial Times, clarifying his position.

“Yet again, as part of dirty political fight, my words are put out of context. I truly believe in diversity and equality,” Duda said. “At the same time, beliefs of any minority cannot be imposed on a majority under the false pretense of tolerance. In our times, truth has become a scared little creature that hides from much stronger correctness.”Top of Form

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“I believe in the world where truths, such as MeToo, can have a safe platform. Where we can speak our mind, where words are not twisted. I believe in tolerance to any views, so please stop distributing fake news,” he added.

As part of his campaign to be elected president for a second term, Duda has pledged to protect children from the agenda of homosexuality and gender ideology.

His campaign platform includes a “Family Card” listing his many pro-family policies. It includes a section titled “Protection of children from LGBT ideology.”

That section promises “an end to ideological LGBT propaganda in public institutions” and “the right of parents to decide in what spirit to shape their children.” It includes a belief that “parents above all are responsible for the sexual education of their children” and expresses support for “the parents’ decisive influence on the form and substance of optional classes in schools.”

The “Family Card” also offers “help for families who want to homeschool.”

In other sections, the “Family Card” pledges financial support for families, help for senior citizens, and help for single parents.

According to the president, the family is crucial to Poland, and the traditional definition of marriage will prevail.

“The family deserves special support from the state,” he pointed out. “The family protects and builds society.”

“Our identity has helped us to weather the toughest times in childhood,” Duda added. “The Polish family has preserved our values. The family is a special value, which demands special protection from the state … Marriage is a relationship between women and men, and so it will remain.”

Duda, a practicing Catholic, began his presidency in 2015 by making a pilgrimage to Our Lady of Częstochowa, who is venerated as Queen and Protectress of Poland.

For the feast of Corpus Christi in 2015, he was seen rescuing a consecrated host that had dropped to the ground during an outdoor Mass.

Catholics believe that after the words of consecration are prayed during Mass, the bread is changed substantially into the whole Christ – body, blood, soul, and divinity. This conviction explains the utmost care given by the Church to the Eucharist.

Duda is scheduled to meet with U.S. President Donald Trump in the White House next Wednesday, just a few days before the presidential election in Poland.

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Veto-proof majority of Minneapolis council members gives support to dismantling police department

June 7, 2020 6:38 p.m.

Gathering at Powderhorn Park


A veto-proof majority of the Minneapolis City Council indicated support Sunday for dismantling the city's police department.

The show of support from nine council members came at a rally at Powderhorn Park calling for defunding of the department, in the wake of the May 25 killing of George Floyd while in police custody.

The council members said past efforts to reform the department have failed, so they are not going to try and implement new training policies or civilian oversight.

Read More https://www.mprnews.org/story/2020/06/07/vetoproof-majority-minneapolis-council-members-gives-support-dismantling-police-department

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One For The History Books: 14.7% Unemployment, 20.5 Million Jobs Wiped Away

One For The History Books: 14.7% Unemployment, 20.5 Million Jobs Wiped Away


May 8, 2020 • U.S. employers shed a record number of jobs in April, as the unemployment rate climbed to the highest since the Great Depression. The coronavirus crisis has locked down much of the economy.

The Labor Department delivered a historically bad employment report Friday, showing 20.5 million jobs lost last month as the nation locked down against the coronavirus. The jobless rate soared to 14.7% — the highest level since the Great Depression.

The highest monthly job loss before this was 2 million in 1945, as the nation began to demobilize after World War II. The worst monthly job loss during the Great Recession was 800,000 in March 2009.



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Are Philadelphia Adult Novelties and Pornography Stores Essential Or Do They just Get Away With Breaking The Law As Always?

Story:  John S De santo I        

In the writers view

Across the country and around the world many businesses are struggling to stay afloat that offer needed services and products to our citizens. Many of these stores are currently closed because they are not essential.

Some of these businesses that are not allowed to physically be open in Pennsylvania are: Construction, Much of the Manufacturing has been effected, Auto Dealerships. Apparel, Furniture & Home Furnishings, Shoe stores, Jewelry, Sporting, Hobby, Book, Music, Florists, Attorney’s & Legal. Even Financial and Real Estate, Schools and Religious buildings.

But with all of the things that are closed one type of store is still going strong and these are the Adult Novelty Shops. At least in the Philadelphia region on Passyunk Ave. You can buy your Adult toys and XXX rated videos. Do you think these stores that are historically known for allowing sex to go on in their back rooms and peep show areas are really following any of the CDC guidelines? Do you think they are even making people to social distance?

When did it become essential to have devices and material to sexually pleasure yourself and others but buying a new pair of shoes or pants, going to the dentist become nonessential?

As always these stores get away with breaking laws and getting special treatment and our government and politicians are the ones to blame. They repeatedly broken rules since and before the HIV Epidemic and continue through the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Pandemic.

With all of the news and media reporting the same exact news everyday lines at the food stores and the number of COVID-19 cases and deaths. Why do they not also report the real facts that are going on like these stores being allowed to stay open to spread the decease and pro long this pandemic.


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How porn industry uses Disney characters, innocent-looking pop-up adds to get your kids

'Your children may not be looking for pornography. But the porn industry is most certainly looking for your kids.'
Fri Apr 24, 2020 - 2:22 pm EST

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April 24, 2020 (LifeSiteNews) – Over and over again, I’ve had parents tell me that their children would never search for pornography online. Teenagers? Maybe. Children? No. They are simply too innocent. They aren’t thinking about sexual things yet. They haven’t been exposed to material that would pique their interest in sexual matters yet, and thus children can be children and there is no need to mar their innocence by broaching topics like porn.

I believe those parents. 

Many mothers and fathers strive to give their sons and daughters a childhood defined by innocence, and one in which they can simply enjoy the simple things in life without having their small minds clouded with information about the omnipresent digital content that is not adult so much as evil

But it is essential that parents realize something: Your children may not be looking for pornography. But the porn industry is most certainly looking for your kids. 

Many parents are under the mistaken belief that so long as kids are not looking for porn, or so long as the Internet in the home is filtered, everything is safe. It might surprise them to know that most children stumble across porn first by accident. I’ve heard that same story hundreds of times while speaking to young audiences about porn, and a recent study confirmed not only that many children first see porn by accident, but that the vast majority of those wished they had not seen it. This is not about whether your children have a desire to see porn. It is about whether they will see it anywIn fact, as I’ve noted before, predatory companies like PornHub have actually taken to tagging hardcore porn videos with the names of children’s cartoon characters like “Dora the Explorer” or “Paw Patrol” so that children searching the Internet for innocent subjects will end up on their websites filled with degradation and rape. The earlier children get addicted, the more porn they’ll watch—and the more porn they’ll watch, the better it is for companies like PornHub. Their bank accounts bulge with stolen innocence. ays.

They even joke about it: PornHub’s Instagram account shared an image of Baby Yoda with the PornHub logo reflected in his pupils with the phrase “10 seconds after my parents leave the house.” PornHub not only does not verify age or consent, and they not only do nothing to keep children away from their vile material—they actively joke about the fact that children are also targeted customers.

Exodus Cry, which has been running a brilliant campaign exposing PornHub’s complicity in rape, sex trafficking, and exploitation, explained how PornHub preys on children:

Pornhub doesn’t even have a click-through warning button, asking the visitor if they are at least 18 years old. Why? Age is nothing but a number to Pornhub.

The organization hunts on popular social media outlets like Tik Tok, Twitch, Snapchat, Periscope, and so many others—using models and videos as bait to lure innocent kids into their sadistic clutches. Some of these sites and apps have inadequate protections for scrollin

Then there are the categories. In 2019, “teen” was one of the top search terms on the site, along with “cartoon,” “revenge,” and many more. Make no mistake, Pornhub is setting and exploiting the sexual appetites of young kids and minors.

And again, it gets worse. Collective Shout and Exodus Cry revealed that in addition to hosting videos of rape, child sexual abuse, and sex trafficking (and consider for a moment the fact that people go onto this platform for sexual satisfaction), PornHub has a collection of “Disney cartoon porn—virtual or animated content featuring children’s favourite Disney characters in hardcore porn sex acts including multiple penetrations, BDSM, and what appears to be gang rape.” Figures like Rapunzel from Tangled are shown bound and gagged, with other children’s favourites being abused and violated. Children’s cartoon characters.

WATCH: Interview with Protect Young Minds explaining how to talk to kids about porn

Porn sites also place popup ads on Internet gaming sites frequented by children and young teens. I’ve often asked audiences of kids I’m speaking with how many of them have played an Internet game—and how many of them have been exposed to an explicit popup while doing so. In answer to both questions, nearly every hand goes up. As children become more and more frequent Internet users, the porn industry is utilizing the time they spend online to lure them onto porn sites. Once they are there, their innocence can be destroyed, and they can be hooked. This is the story of nearly an entire generation.

I write all of this to plead with parents: Please, please monitor any time your children spend online. Please talk to them about pornography in an age-appropriate way. Millions of children have been exposed to porn without their parents’ desire or consent, and many parents are ignorant of the fact that their children have already been exposed to this material.

It is an ugly and awful fact of the culture we now live in that discussions which were unnecessary a few decades ago are absolutely necessary now. Yes, they are.

Jonathon’s new podcast, The Van Maren Show, is dedicated to telling the stories of the pro-life and pro-family movement. In his latest episode, Marvin Olasky, editor-in-chief of WORLD magazine and author of pro-life books, discusses the true history of the pro-life movement and what it can teach us about winning the culture war. Olasky points to the long history of abortion before Roe v. Wade to highlight the fact that fighting abortion on a strictly legal front will only get us so far since it is truly a cultural issue.




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