Military nude photo investigation expands into gay porn websites

Tom Vanden Brook , USA TODAY 2:59 p.m. ET March 17, 2017


WASHINGTON — The military scandal involving sharing of sexually explicit images of troops has expanded beyond the private social media site Marines United to a slew of gay pornography web pages with images of men wearing military uniforms engaged in sex acts, USA TODAY has learned.

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South Dakota’s Senate Just Declared Pornography a Public Health Crisis

South Dakota senators have unanimously passed a resolution declaring pornography a public health crisis.

This non-binding resolution was based on the model resolution written by the National Center on Sexual Exploitation.

The term “public health crisis” is used to broadly define both physical and social problems—from cigarette smoking to bullying—and it unequivocally applies to pornography, because pornography is a serious, harmful problem that affects individuals and groups beyond their capacity to correct alone.

The research on pornography clearly links it to damages to the brain, body, and rates of sexual violence in our society.

Since 2009there have been 24 major studies that support the reality of compulsive porn use and the negative impacts of pornography on the users’ brain structure and function.

Pornography is also linked to decreased erectile function, as revealed by a2015 studyof young men that also found that pornography use was linked to lower sexual satisfaction with a partner.”

In addition to these physiological harms, pornography teaches that women enjoy sexual violence, and unfortunately this lesson is being heard loud and clear. Ameta-analysis of 46 studiesreported that the effects of pornography use are “clear and consistent,” and put one at increased risk for committing sexual offenses and accepting rape myths—such as that women enjoy rape, and that rapists can’t control their urges.

The National Center on Sexual Exploitation commends the South Dakota senators for their leadership in recognizing the harms of pornography.

To learn more about the harms of pornography visit:http://endsexualexploitation.org/publichealth/

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Yesterday, the resolution we drafted recognizing pornography as a public health crisis was introduced in subcommittee in the state of Virginia and it passed UNANIMOUSLY! 

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Five Consequences of America's Moral Collapse

John Hawkins John Hawkins |Posted: Jul 25, 2015 12:01 AM

Five Consequences of America's Moral Collapse

Americans have become so “non-judgmental” that many people can no longer tell the difference between good and evil. We congratulate ourselves for being “nicer,” more sensitive and less prejudiced than past generations of Americans, but we don’t stop to consider how much more there is to morality than that. An America that isn’t full of good people won’t remain a good nation, nor will it remain strong and free over the long haul. Our country’s lack of morality has real consequences that are capable of eventually sinking us as a nation.

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Porn ruins lives, so families should be able to sue for damages: Utah legislato

Fr. Mark Hodges  NEWSPORNOGRAPHYFri Jan 6, 2017 - 2:15 pm EST

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SALT LAKE CITY, Utah, January 6, 2017  — A state lawmaker believes that those who promote pornography to children and teens should be punished by society.

Utah state Senator Todd Weiler says pornographers know that their products harm users, spouses, family, and even careers, and yet they put greed above the well-being of people, society, and even American culture. In March 2016, he successfully proposed a resolution describing pornography as a “public health hazard.”

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George Michael Was A ‘Filthy’ Gay ‘F***er’ And We Should Honor Him For That


Noah Michelson
Editorial Director, The Huffington Post Voices

Last night, after word spread that pop starGeorge Michael died at the age of 53, I sent out several tweets honoring the man who meant a lot to me as a queer young man who came out in the late ‘90s.My first tweetinstructed those unfamiliar with Michael (and the brilliance of what he created) to seek out his music. This was my second tweet:

noah michelson ✔ @noahmichelson
I suggest we all find a public bathroom wherever we are and go and have sex in it with a stranger tonight to properly honor George Michael.
8:21 PM - 25 Dec 2016

Our Children's are at risk with people like this   And we wonder where Aids came from

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‘Harassment’? Pro-LGBT pols blast police sting that caught pedophile masturbating in public park

TORONTO, November 25, 2016 (LifeSiteNews) — NDP politician Cheri DiNovo has sent an open letter to Ontario’s attorney general condemning a community-based police action during which the police arrested a convicted pedophile who was breaching a probation order to stay away from children

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A self-identified “queer woman,” DiNovo added her voice to a number of protests of Project Marie, a six-week sting operation at a west-end Toronto park that police report resulted in 89 charges, including 71 charges of indecent exposure and engaging in sexual activity and one criminal charge, against 76 men and two women.

 Comment: And in the USA they get away with it Just like the Adult books Stores where men have sex with other men they are the whore houses of the future

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