Bless The Beasts and The Children

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Visual and audio depicting some of the ways we need to save our Children's future. Currently we are destroying our morals and we will not have a future civilization if we continue on this path. Visuals set to a backdrop of the song "Bless the Beasts and the Children" by The Carpenters. People are doing and allowing things that are killing themselves and others just so they can make money. For many of us today Fairytales do not exist since we never get to know what happily ever after means or even what living a normal happy life feels like.  

The greatest threat to Western civilization is the liberal agenda to brainwash children into not wanting to beat up anyone different from them                        

This comment is from somebody who read one of my posts I had to share

"Gay Man Dan!

The Forum was an awesome source of entertainment and in its day, a true rallying point for the gay community. It should be replaced.

One, Two, Three, Four! Open up the closet door!
Five, Six, Seven, Eight! Don't assume your kids are straight!"


Our Children are at risk when people like this are roaming the streets and internet


If you are a male and have been a victim of sexual abuse by another man in an adult book store or from a website. Now is time to help stop this from happening again to others. Call 484-840-0400 all calls are anonymous

 As therapist John Woods recently wrote, pornography “is no longer just a private problem. It is a public health problem.”

If you has a story you like to submit or went to be a part of   wherethenewsis

call    215-880-5000  

 Joe Biden the white Obama  

The man who will destroy America

The Fall Of America The Decay Of The World

Have Values Really Fell This Far?


by: John S De Santo I

In the writers view: 
Is it in the years to come or is it already too late? The fall of America the decay of the World as we know it! There are many reasons that as a society we are decaying, should we try and stop the decay and save the world for our loved ones our families our children? If you can answer yes to that then what are you waiting for?  The Roman Empire didn't fall in a day and we cannot save the world in one day either but if we all do things everyday to save the world, the people and animals of the world perhaps we can start to correct things that have gone horribly wrong.

One of the things we can do is to stop some of the senseless spreading of deceases many of which are now deadly. Did you know in every city and most suburbs of America we allow the pointless infection of our loved ones? We allow people to pay to go into stores to catch and give others deadly deceases. We allow store owners to make thousands of dollars a week from this behaviour. They promote the behaviour  and as one person dies there is always a new person to take their place spending money to keep these stores in business and the owners very rich. You may ask yourself what is he talking about is it drugs? No although drug and alcohol use is rampant in these stores it is not what the owners are selling. The owners sell sex! They have stores and call them adult novelty shops, adult book stores, adult video shops, peep shows, Adult theatres and yes some of them even go as far as calling them Gentlemen's Clubs. For the most part these are anything but gentlemen that frequent these stores. Some are family men that are dealing with problems at home, others drug dealers and users looking for a place to hide, some are your children who may have just turned 18 that are just starting life and become curious of what lies behind the door. Unfortunately for many of these people what they find is a few minutes of pleasure


followed by a lifetime of pain, suffering and death. See I didn't mention earlier that another part of the patrons of these stores are men looking to have sex with anything that walks into the store. They are there to take advantage of the businessmen that are there from out of town looking for a quickie or your innocent virgin son who just wanted to not be a virgin anymore.  Let's call this last group of patrons The Other Side People (TOSP). Most of them come from the LGBT groups but not all. Some do not identify themselves as gay in any way even though they only have same gender sex. Many have real problems and they take it out on the rest of the world and make it look bad for the rest of LGBT community. Who makes it to the news? Who do they spotlight in the ads and documentaries? Not the everyday person working and paying bills to live. The ones you see are from TOSP they don't hide from the cameras. People may think that not many of these TOSP are around but don't fool yourself without researching they are a very high portion of our population in numbers and maybe shockingly high if you could ever get a real count.   

Although these stores are everywhere I will use and example of one in Southwest Philadelphia that the owner charges $7.00 to go into the backroom so you can take your chance at getting lucky with other men back there. Of course they have their regulars that are there to have sex with anyone that they can. Many of the these regular customers that go there started out being the businessman or the 18 year old virgin. Now they have decease that are killing them and they are taking it out on the world by spreading it to others. This is all monitored and taped by the owner and staff of these stores and they do nothing to stop it. In fact many of them find ways to encourage this behaviour and at that point they should be able to be held accountable as a accomplice in murder. These stores are really nothing more than whore houses and for some reason they are not closed down. The news stations and papers do nothing to help save lives of innocent people and bring these stores to the light of everyone. The law authorities will close down massage parlours and raid people's homes for sex reasons but these stores, these whore houses get away with making lots of money allowing things to go on in a public store that are killing people. Not only the people who go to the stores but also their families and friends that they take these deceases home to.


Has Americas and the Worlds values really fell this far? Have people around the world been driven so far down that we have no real morals and are not willing to fight for them?  If this is where we have come then get rid of the sex crime units. stop spending time on finding cures for HIV/AIDS or even cancer. It will not matter the money that is being spent is not worth the time. Eventually these stores and places like it will kill everyone because in every family, every group of friends or co-workers there are TOSP people who go to these stores and even if they go only once they could now be knowingly or not infecting everyone and killing us off.
Maybe this is what our governments have planned the world is over populated what better way to get rid of people cut down on population and thin the herd.
Are you ready to do something about this? Do you want to save your family and friends even yourself? Do you want your children and grand-children to live in a world like this or do you want our morals to rise? Get groups together in your community start talking about this. Start closing these places down and holding the owners accountable.  Our country and the world could be a better place if only we stand up and fight for what we know is right. 


Remember we need to Save Our Children's Future!