Bless The Beasts and The Children - 4

Has Americas and the Worlds values really fell this far? Have people around the world been driven so far down that we have no real morals and are not willing to fight for them?  If this is where we have come then get rid of the sex crime units. stop spending time on finding cures for HIV/AIDS or even cancer. It will not matter the money that is being spent is not worth the time. Eventually these stores and places like it will kill everyone because in every family, every group of friends or co-workers there are TOSP people who go to these stores and even if they go only once they could now be knowingly or not infecting everyone and killing us off.
Maybe this is what our governments have planned the world is over populated what better way to get rid of people cut down on population and thin the herd.
Are you ready to do something about this? Do you want to save your family and friends even yourself? Do you want your children and grand-children to live in a world like this or do you want our morals to rise? Get groups together in your community start talking about this. Start closing these places down and holding the owners accountable.  Our country and the world could be a better place if only we stand up and fight for what we know is right. 


Remember we need to Save Our Children's Future!

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