Bless The Beasts and The Children - 3

Although these stores are everywhere I will use and example of one in Southwest Philadelphia that the owner charges $7.00 to go into the backroom so you can take your chance at getting lucky with other men back there. Of course they have their regulars that are there to have sex with anyone that they can. Many of the these regular customers that go there started out being the businessman or the 18 year old virgin. Now they have decease that are killing them and they are taking it out on the world by spreading it to others. This is all monitored and taped by the owner and staff of these stores and they do nothing to stop it. In fact many of them find ways to encourage this behaviour and at that point they should be able to be held accountable as a accomplice in murder. These stores are really nothing more than whore houses and for some reason they are not closed down. The news stations and papers do nothing to help save lives of innocent people and bring these stores to the light of everyone. The law authorities will close down massage parlours and raid people's homes for sex reasons but these stores, these whore houses get away with making lots of money allowing things to go on in a public store that are killing people. Not only the people who go to the stores but also their families and friends that they take these deceases home to.


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