Bless The Beasts and The Children - 2


followed by a lifetime of pain, suffering and death. See I didn't mention earlier that another part of the patrons of these stores are men looking to have sex with anything that walks into the store. They are there to take advantage of the businessmen that are there from out of town looking for a quickie or your innocent virgin son who just wanted to not be a virgin anymore.  Let's call this last group of patrons The Other Side People (TOSP). Most of them come from the LGBT groups but not all. Some do not identify themselves as gay in any way even though they only have same gender sex. Many have real problems and they take it out on the rest of the world and make it look bad for the rest of LGBT community. Who makes it to the news? Who do they spotlight in the ads and documentaries? Not the everyday person working and paying bills to live. The ones you see are from TOSP they don't hide from the cameras. People may think that not many of these TOSP are around but don't fool yourself without researching they are a very high portion of our population in numbers and maybe shockingly high if you could ever get a real count.   

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